HR Value-Add In Recruitment

In this piece, we will discuss what we mean by value and value add, once we are clear on this, it would be easier for us to see how HR/Recruitment team could make a difference.

Everyone in an organisation is a part of a large & continuous supply chain. Each member in the organisation is either receiving from or providing to others some product, material, resources, services or information in the process of his duty. This is done keeping in mind, the ultimate customer who receives and pays for the product or service being provided by the organisation. For every task, one is either a customer or a supplier. One can be a supplier in one instance and a customer in another.

In the business context, even internally in an organisation, such material or services one receives has a cost; it is expected that one receiving such support, adds value far exceeding the costs; only then, will the organisation be sustainable. The more mature an organisation’s system is, the closer would it be akin to a market mechanism. The consideration internally as well as externally would be determined by perceived utility of the offering as well the demand supply situation. The perceived utility is what one refers to as value or consideration, which the organisation is willing to expend or a customer is willing to pay for the product or service.

Recruitment is also a service and can be

HR-value to Recruitment

either provided by a team internally or sourced from outside. The value/consideration is, in turn, determined by the time at which the service is provided, as well as the quality. On most occasions, time is of essence and delays in presenting and bringing a hire on board, could be very expensive and could also result in total loss of the business opportunity itself. Similarly, quality of hire is critical. Organisation loses crucial time dealing with the poor hire and also pays very dearly in terms of its deliveries and customer dissatisfaction. Quality of sourcing and final selection is obviously most critical for the organisation; the recruiter can add maximum value in attracting the best and the brightest. So the mantra for value addition in recruitment is in getting the positions filled in faster, cheaper and attracting better talent into the organisation.

The other way of adding value is by enhancing the efficiency, productivity of the recruitment team by being innovative in every stage of the recruitment and also exploiting new technology which now is easily accessible.

Are recruiters, identifying or creating new supply chains for talent? Extend the search from competitors to suppliers who provide product and services, or customer’s organisations who have used the products and services offered by the recruiting company and are therefore offer great sourcing choices. However one needs to be ethical and not in any way break no poaching agreements or adopt back door methods to attract talent. Similarly go beyond ones industry and attract hi potential talent for whom, either domain knowledge or industry experience would not be a limiting factor but bringing other industry perspectives would actually be enriching.

Today, technology has enabled, evaluating larger applicant base, remote assessment (vis-a vis, walk ins, manual written tests, including on line interviews). The recruiter needs to use every tool available to reduce organisational cost of hiring, time spent by line managers on recruitment process and most importantly, offer the best candidates for selection to the internal customers and thereby bring in top talent into the organisation.

The ultimate proof of the value addition is in “recruiting team” answering the questions..

  • have we got on board the best?
  • do our recruits continue to stay in the company, say good things about the company and serve, contribute, grow themselves and the company?


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