Machine-Learning Services


Python, R, Torch

Spark, Sparkling Water

Scikit-Learn, OpenNLP, NLTK-Data

Logistic regression, Decision Tree, Random-forest, Expectation Maximization, SVM, Deep-Learning. We will use whatever it takes to get you the results, including custom algorithm development.

Data Cleansing and Extraction Services

Not sure about the validity and usefulness of your data? We will develop a framework that will not only cleanse the data based on the underlying model but also automate the process, so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.

Data Modeling Services

Interested in using machine learning but not sure how to mine it? We can help you build an effective model with your data; be it structured, unstructured, multimedia, streaming, social-media or Web based. We’ll help you understand the data that matters and how to optimize for algorithmic insights and predictions.

Algorithm Development

Our ML team can develop custom algorithms specific to your needs. We have developed algorithms for multiple markets including recruiting, healthcare, manufacturing, supply-chain, and IT support. Our expanse goes from Statistical to Neural, thanks to our existing partnership with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


Data Visualization Services

D3, Weka, R, Echarts, Epoch are all known and handy tools that will help you make business sense of your data in matter of seconds. What-if dashboards using commercial tools like Qlikview is also an option that this group of our visualization experts can offer to you.

Migration Services

We offer migration services from SAS, SPSS based platforms to equivalent open-source alternatives.


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