Pedigree does it matter?

Should we stick to the current range or do we risk placing the newcomer in the top percentile if he is great..

Bringing in new people is like adding a family member… how careful should one be?

John Maxwell..if you are on a 6 on a 10point scale of leadership, your ability to spot talent is restricted to people who are at level six and do not leave a fresh graduate to do the screening of the cvs to filter..


What do we look for? It is always a difficult question to answer..the skill, competency and relevant experience are the easier things to look for. However is that all?

Rercuitment now goes with the words, Talent Acquisition..what is talent? How is it different from skill, competence, aptitude, attitude, knowledge.

HR manages the process to short list the best potential candidates for final selection by the hiring or senior managers..HR is an important in identifying the best and the brightest..

Role of pedigree..does this matter. What about Mahatma Gandhi, what was his pedigree to lead the nation. Nurture vs nature..what is right,

Potential vs performance…

Salary fixation is also a complex situation..qualification, vintage are easy part of the scale, how would you identify the winners, how much premium would he deserve..

Talent Chisel…identification of hi pots..criteria and how do we look at patterns which identify the elements reflecting potential..these elements are captured from the ecosystem..these in turn provide online data ..these would be analysed and presented to you..

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