Organization Capability Management

Talent is in short supply and when it comes to putting the right team in place, time is the last thing which is on-hand. Agora Analytics helps organizations to hire the right talent and then helps them to retain and nurture its workforce. After all, people are the key to any success. We have dedicated team with expertise in HR domain. This group of HR domain experts and machine-learning engineers are capable of offering the following HR analytics services to companies:

  • Turnover modeling: predicting future turnover in business units based on functions, geographies and diversity.
  • HR branding/advertising effectiveness: based on response modeling, social-media and web-analytics
  • Targeted retention: Root-cause analysis, A/B testing
  • Risk Management: risk profiling and analysis
  • Talent forecasting

We are not an HR consulting company. So no gyan. Just visibility, action, feedback-loop and finally integrate, automate and transfer.

We would love to complete a short proof-of-concept, at ZERO cost, to show you that we are not a novice in this field or you can always start with adoption of our talent acquisition solution and then move into other domains.