iHire is a cloud hosted smart hiring solution meant for HR services, Staffing and small startups. It addresses two broad-level needs of such organizations

  • Identify the unique and fairly matching resumes in matter of minutes for 100s of positions simultaneously. Inform all the prospects about the job-positions using fastest possible communication channels and to build the local database automatically.
  • It also handles sourcing of resumes from social-media and referrals based on anticipated hiring trends, so that one is not short on resumes when the need arises

Years of operations? You should be having at least 100,000 resumes? What its not useful anymore? because they are old, were rejected, or some other reason. Don’t know how to track or don’t care – I can always get fresh profiles from job-portals. Well said, so can your competition. Look at your ‘duplicate resume’ and screen-rejects metrics for last twelve months and you would know what is being addressed by iHire.

iHire is an AI based solution meant to improve your business execution twice as much.

It has the following benefits:

  • Automatically match 100s of JDs.
  • Doesn’t shortlist duplicate resumes
  • Sources resumes from social-media, job-portals, referrals, clients databases to provide best matches
  • Communicate with shortlisted candidates on your behalf

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