addresses twin needs of any good enterprise’s talent acquisition strategy:

  • Identification of few (max 6) suitable candidates for any job-position; based on their competencies, likely behavior on the job and attitude
  • Engaging the prospective hires to enhance the brand awareness, brand value and to ignite the desire for association.

Data from last 5 years of hiring by several software enterprises reveal these facts – to hire for one position, 80 resumes are reviewed, 18 interviews are conducted, one offer is made; which gets rejected/no-shows on 60% of the occasions. An IT services company rolls out 10,000 offers to get 3000 people to join. A job-portal, in India, runs its business in catering to people who are already serving a notice period. Recruitment team is always under pressure – search the job portals, chase your staffing vendors; send more resumes, schedule more interviews. Soon, closing the position becomes more important than the person who is to be hired. The larger the organization the more accentuated the problem. The answer is invariably larger recruitment team, more vendors, more interviews….And the worst part, its been running like this since 1999.

What if you had a system in place which could reduce the effort spent by half? Wouldn’t that give you time and space to start associating people with positions? At Agora Analytics, we have designed SmartHire, which can automatically match all the job-descriptions with resumes from job-portals, social-media, referrals and Linkedin. Not only that, it creates a profile for each person and keeps it updated. As a hiring manager, you will then have all the analytics at your finger tips. You would know the candidate even before he/she comes for the first face2face interview.

SmartHire is based on machine learning and predictive analytics. It will be like your personal assistant. The interfaces are all based on email, just like you do today with your recruitment vendors. You send it an email with one or many job-descriptions and it will return to you a set of profiles that fits the position. Based on your initial interactions with the system – by rejecting any of its shortlisted profile, it learns your preferences. And overtime, hiring will become as easy as writing to somebody and get a best-fitting candidate profile returned to you in flat 3 minutes. It will automatically setup a job interview with the candidate and process all the feedback that interviewers provide. It just gets smarter with increased usage, to an extent that it can do a fairly accurate behavior analysis of people whom you are ready to make an offer to.

Benefits of SmartHire:



  • Resume Database. Resume databases can be so full of inaccurate or incomplete and cluttered with duplicates. Our profiler ensures comprehensive data capture, de-duplication and data ready for HR analytics. It crawls and connects LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs with each profile.
  • Resume Parser. Because our engine categorizes dozens of facts from each profile, you can search more precisely, for example “find me people with at least 2 SAP FICO implementation experience”.
  • Prospective Hire Engagement. The system tracks all jobs that the candidate has expressed interest in. It tracks all the jobs for which the recruiter shortlisted the profile for. All the interview results for the candidate. All within the context of the profile, so that your organization starts associating the person behind the resume.
  • Reduced cost. Accurate, automated data upload eliminates the cost of staff time associated with data entry, clean up, and formatting.
  • Improved candidate experience. Integrating our resume parsing technology within your recruitment website can greatly improve candidate experience by freeing job seekers from having to fill out application forms – all they need to do is upload their resume and they’re done.
  • Recruitment Analytics. SH is all that you will ever need to get cost, time, quality level visibility about your hiring process. All compliance needs get automatically met by the system because of the built-in rules-engine.


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