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Agora Analytics, specializes in delivering smart applications based on its innovative technology platform catering to the twin needs of automation and self-optimization. It develops solutions that learn from its human, existing systems and devices interactions, to adapt and predict business outcome. It combines the following three pillars of research to deliver innovative solutions which helps enterprises and institutions to truly differentiate.


BPMCenter of Excellence for BPM.

Use BPM for flexibility and measurable business outcome

We embed Cordys BPMS platform in our solutions. Cordys provides real-time and accurate operational insight into your core processes so that your business managers can respond better to unforeseen events and manage resources efficiently to achieve optimal business outcomes.

At Agora Analytics, we invest significantly in developing domain specific standard process templates, so that smart applications can be developed quickly. Additionally the platform provides rich set of integration adapters for ERP, CRM and HRMS. A Fortune 50 company has automated all its worldwide supply-chain using our solution.


PA Center of Excellence for Predictive Analytics

Measure the operations and predict the outcome

How much data does it take to notice a trend? Not an easy answer! Iterating through a slowly changing predictive model, can get you close. If a pattern can be derived using 100 data points, will one get any different conclusion by making the same model process 100,000?


At Agora Analytics, we design predictive models that consume operations (how many of what) and process (how long did it take to register the ‘what’) data to predict likely outcome of a newly introduced event. We are involved in the development of two proof-of-concepts, one in health-care domain for a large hospital chain to relate disease patterns from hospital records and US government generated data to their advance drug procurement and in another one to predict cross-selling opportunity for distributors of a large semi-conductor company. In both cases, events being generated by observing devices and data are analyzed to initiate actions like notification, alteration of regular system flows or to recommend changes to existing business rules.


MLCenter of Excellence for Machine Learning

Measure Predictive outcome to operationalize learning

In creating intelligent environments, many challenges arise. The data providers will be ‘everywhere’, always connected and always ‘on’, and they permanently interact with their environment, influencing it and being influenced by it. Self-learning thus leads to the need of designing programs that learn from data and from human interaction with the systems. Like, our workforce talent acquisition solution can automate candidate short-listing and hiring for a given opening. It interacts with resume repositories, social networks and people, learning from each about the candidate’s skills, competency and behavior.


You can get details of our ready to deploy solutions here:

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