BPM Services

We offer Better, Faster and Cheaper solutions based on Cordys BPMS platform.

This is what Forrester has to say about Cordys- It’s no longer just what you do that counts, it’s how you do it – and how quickly you can modify the way you work to take on new opportunities and challenges.


Cordys Business benefits

In many corporations, introducing new services and new ways of working may typically span several years, causing immense upheaval and disruption. IT infrastructure and systems in particular can be difficult and costly to reengineer and adapt. At the business level, operational strategies and tactics are constantly on the move in the search for optimum results, yet IT frequently struggles to keep pace. The Cordys Business Operations Platform is a unique cloud enabled solution designed to help organizations increase responsiveness to dynamic market demands. With the Cordys Business Operations Platform, enterprises are able to adapt to new opportunities, minimize risks and introduce new service innovations rapidly and cost-effectively:

  • Faster change – Dramatically increase the speed of change in business operations and exploit new revenue opportunities more rapidly
  • Unparalleled innovation – Create a single view of the business, outperform the competition and meet the ever-changing demands of today’s market
  • Continuous improvement – Design, execute, monitor, change and continuously optimize critical business processes with closed-loop business process management
  • Superior performance – Stay on top of new trends, reduce time to market, accelerate growth and incorporate acquisitions faster


Are you ready for today?

Implementing changes to embedded business processes may rank as one of the most difficult challenges facing both business and technology managers today.


Disruptive change

For example, ERP systems, implemented and tailored at considerable expense, contain embedded processes that are often acknowledged to be the best-practice-at-the-time Workflows between business units, such as sales and manufacturing, will have been built on many years of experience, tuned to meet user, customer and internal needs. In many industries, disruptive change is destroying the value of these embedded processes. Faced with the continuing online revolution, there is a pressing need to revise and update systems and processes, yet there may be enormous internal cultural resistance to change – from both users and overloaded IT departments.


Externally, market sentiment and client expectations are shifting at an alarming rate. The IT service and business users may struggle to use or adapt existing processes to keep pace with customer demands. The delay and expense caused by changes to software and physical systems may mean that, in practice, there is no realistic prospect of meeting the challenges of today. This creates problems for organizations looking to defend against new market entrants, whose offerings and services may supported by newer systems that are better able meet immediate customer demands without the drag of legacy systems. Being able to increase enterprise agility by synchronizing the business and infrastructure change cycles offers enormous competitive advantage. To do so requires systems that are capable of rapid modification, and a mechanism to ensure that business strategies are reflected accurately in the underlying software and hardware.

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