Predictive CRM

The authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto introduced the phrase: “Business is Conversation.” Process improvement, transaction efficiency, outsourcing, compliance etc., all of them matter but are they only second to collaboration or person to person relationship? It’s not the “What” but the “How”; it’s not the number of transactions but the number of late nights spent in resolving the problems; it’s that being human.

A typical CRM allows organizing information around categories. It allows one to complete a given transaction well. This is important and needed. But there is that something else which becomes a differentiator. The naïve view is that all the value is derived from the transaction. The truth is that value accumulates over time from the relationship.




Keeping this fact in mind, we started construction of a CRM add-on, to solve a complex use-case – why and how do your customer’s trust one or few of your sales people, whereas the rest coming with similar pedigree can at best give you an ordinary return?


Features of PredictiveCRM:

  • Integrates with Siebel and Salesforce
  • Makes social/blog updates of your contacts available
  • Offers simple note taking interface, whose entries are semantically interpreted to derive actions for the sales, pre-sales and technical support
  • It consumes and acts on expense and travel data of your sales team to derive tacit information from them about their customer/prospect meetings