Predictive Order Management

This solution caters to a essential customer need of ‘SMART’ fulfillment. It offers a failsafe collaborative portal on browser, tablets and smart phones to the dealers and distributors. It pre-creates draft orders based on their consumption patterns or based on customer insight gathered from other channels – like web, social and OEM hosted applications. On submission of the order with the OEM. It offers RACI’ng collaborative interface to S&OP personnel in the OEM. Thereby keeping everyone informed about the progress of a given order through the Order2Cash process.

Collaborative PRM

Like any other solution offered by us, it works best when integrated with SAP or Oracle at the backend. OEM can choose to integrate it with their Distributor’s core systems too. The built-in anaytics, help the OEM track various KPI’s, assess the impact of promotions and derive business rules to optimize their operations.


Features of PredictiveOM:

  • Seamless Offline/Online support on tablets
  • Every business event leads to RACI fulfillment within S&OP organization, with someone responsible for it, others being consulted or informed and one person being an approver
  • Gets Retailers, Distributors, Logistic provider, Shipper, Port clearance personnel, Bank personnel and S&OP org of the OEM onto a common collaborative portal
  • Assess the impact of a promotion based on past performance, gather feedback from your partners before launching one
  • Get insight into end-customer buying behavior and gather their feedback